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If any who read this blog share a concern from family experience about tackling bowel cancer, and are moved to make a donation, I note that my daughter Rowan Rosemary Lawton, named in honour of Rosemary Sutcliff, is running to raise funds for the UK Charity Beating Bowel Cancer. See here.

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June 21st Tuesday. Another lovely day, but hot and sultry. Joan up to London for a day off and Ray doing tea for me. My leg back on Granuflex and getting better again.

Granuflex was a dressing for Rosemary’s leg, affected by her long spells in her wheelchair.

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June 13th Monday. Ray took Barny down for his second injection. Mr Skelton very pleased with him. He seems rather sleepy but quite at ease, and thoroughly enjoying his food again. Agnes, new chiropodist lady came to do my toes. Knows her job and seems a nice soul.

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June 11th Saturday. Leg very sore. Shall ring the surgery on Monday and get M to come and have a look at it, instead of waiting until Friday.

Regular readers of this 1988 diary of Rosemary Sutcliff will realise how often she was feeling unwell. This was true throughout her life. Here the problem is a recurrent one related to spending much time in a wheelchair.

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June 8th Wednesday. Leg still sore, & head feeling vile, swimmy and dopey

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June 6th Monday. Nothing interesting, and the back of my leg very sore, sorer than its been for ages.

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May 28th Saturday. Diane washed my hair for me this morning. Great relief. Head beastly – not of course improved by hair wash. Wish I didn’t feel so muzzy & vaguely unreal. Have hit all kinds of complications at the moment with Catraeth, too

I was unsure for a good while about the second last word. Was it the name of a character and thus part of a rare comment in Rosemary’s diary about her writing work? Was it ‘cathedral’ – she wrote some community play or plays at some point.

excerpt Rosemary Sutcliff diary 28/5/88

I have however, I think, worked it out. It is a point about her writing, but about an event not a character. At this time Rosemary Sutcliff was writing her award-winning book The Shining Company, her young adult and children’s novel which included the Battle of Catraeth (which is believed happened around or a little before 600AD). The battle is commemorated in Y Gododdina medieval Welsh poem. It is a collection of elegies to the men of the kingdom of Gododdin and its allies who died fighting Angles at Catraeth .

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