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Michael Rosen (writer, poet, performer, broadcaster and Professor of Children’s Literature) recently said about children’s literature:

Most adult readers were made into the readers they are by the ‘repertoire’ of reading they did as children. The link, then, between children’s literature and adult literature is not so much via the writers as through the reading habits of the readers. That said, there are various key children’s literature texts that have informed adult writing – most notably perhaps, the Alice books; although I would guess that much of the readership of crime fiction was inducted into the genre through Enid Blyton.

This set me thinking about two questions:

  • Are most story-tellers made the story-tellers they are by the stories told to them as children?
  • Are most writers made the writers they are by the ‘repertoire’ of what was read to them as children?  (more…)

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