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In a brief review in The Dallas Morning News in 1985 (12 May)  Cherie Clodfelter commented that the historical novel for children and young adults, Bonnie Dundee by Rosemary Sutcliff (published in USA by Dutton) was:

… historical fiction at its very best, a blend of fact and fiction. The writing style is immensely informative and engrossing, although the American teenager may lack the knowledge of British history to appreciate the complicated plot and the Scottish idiom. John Graham of Claverhouse (called Bonnie Dundee by his followers) was a Scottish Royalist who died fighting to keep the House of Stuart on the throne. Both the legendary leader whom King James entitled the Viscount Dundee and the period of history where battle was both elegant and horrible is carefully developed to maintain the pace of a suspenseful adventure story.

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This from the US Boy Scouts magazine Boys’ Life in January 1985 (page 19).

Mind you, there were competing demands on a boy scout’s time!

(Permission to reproduce being sought; first posted March 2, 2010 … still no answer!))

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